Consistency is key!

We all know brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, MacDonalds, Toyota etc. and what they stand for and how they communicate their brands through advertising, sponsorships, endorsements and so on.


With their big resources that is all do-able. But, what about the small business which needs brand communication too? Considering that SMEs account for 99.3% of all UK private sector businesses at the beginning of 2017 (fsb website) we can safely say there is a lot of branding that needs doing on far smaller budgets than the above mentioned global companies.


This is where Rohde Creative comes in!


Let me tell you, it is not all about the logo and spending a lot of money on all new brand comms material. In fact I regularly use existing logos but apply design principles to it to make sure it is consistent on all brand communications material.


Nike’s brand was not built overnight and not solely on the back of their logo.


My approach to brand communication is that it is not about the logo but to understand your business and all the brand assets. Once we have established that, we can communicate your values in a clear and consistent manner.


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