‘Localising’ your graphic design projects for the UK market through Research, Analysis and Strategy


Being Norwegian and having lived and worked in England for over 35 years now, Vince can offer the perfect combination of understanding both cultures and the languages putting him in an ideal postion to help you explore the UK market.


Vince Rohde (Managing Director) is a skilled graphic designer who has worked for a variety of clients both private and public sector, and in both Norway and the UK. If it is a graphic design project you need ‘translating’ from Norwegian into English that is not a problem. If your project is more complex and requires a deeper understanding of the brand and market positioning we have a proven track record of that too.


Areas to consider are:

• Adapting graphic design – brochures, advertising, exhibitions…

• Localising copy – making the copy work in the cultural context of the UK market

• Market Research – finding out if your product or service will fit the market

• Branding – do you require a new brand for the UK market or an adjustment to the existing

• Marketing – finding the right segment and the right channels to communicate your message

• Can act as a contact for your business to arrange trade visits, manage meetings and much more


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