Troms North Norway branding project


Playing a vital role as a member of the working party.

This was a joint project to develop a new brand to sell activity holidays in the North of Norway to the UK tourist. It was supported by Troms Reiseliv, Martins World Group, the Advantage Travel Partnership and several other partners including Hurtigruten.


Rohde Creative was asked to partner with Eclipse Creative Consultants on the project as Vincent Rohde (MD) could offer the design expertise as well as a deep knowledge of both cultures and languages. We were involved in the early stages of the design and branding process and our logo idea won through as the best for the project at a presentation in Tromsø to Troms Reiseliv and partners in the area.


The name of the brand was ‘White Spring’, later followed by ‘High Summer’. The brand names were designed to reflect the fact that you can ski into late spring in the North of Norway and that in the summer you can enjoy 24 hour daylight.


Rohde Creative was involved throughout the project at meetings with the Norwegian and UK partners and in the further development of all brand related material such as website, brochures and filming. Vincent Rohde was also involved in contractual discussions where the language barrier was an issue.


The project came to a successful conclusion with the launch of the Troms North Norway website and all other marketing material as well as a booking system through the Advantage network.


The valuable input from us at Rohde Creative was a contributing factor to the success of the project and shows the important role a multilingual design agency can have.