Happy New Lockdown

This post was going to be welcoming you to a Happy Hew Year, but then…

As we entered the new year we had great hopes of a better one than the last. That was not to be, sadly.

During the pandemic I spent some time looking back at my career and looking at my current position. I have come to the conclusion that as the Corona Virus has mutated, so will I have to. I have to make some changes and I have to improve or learn new skills.

This does not mean I am dropping my current work but rather that I am adding to it and I have come up with a few pointers:

  • Design for Print – not digital
  • Writing and publishing
  • Illustration and Calligraphy
  • People

The first point is that I have to focus on designing for print. I am not up for the digital and I feel I have to be honest about that and design for print in all its glory. I love the printed page, it’s how I came to be a designer and print is very much alive and that’s where I want to work.

The last point is a real diversion. I feel I connect with people and I have a real sense that I want to help, particularly at a difficult time in their lives. It is fine to ‘work for a living’ but I feel it is time for me to divert from that and be there for others.

A new start and, possibly, a positive from the Corona Virus Pandemic.