How is your internal branding performing?

In some organisations the idea of sharing knowledge is viewed as a risk to the business. Managers like to protect what they know so they (allegedly) have an edge over their team members and the company might be afraid of staff taking knowledge outside of the business, particularly if they are leaving to go elsewhere.


This to me is a sad state of affairs and it works against the idea of a healthy, and profitable, business. I am in the business of communication. My task is to help businesses communicate their message through the design work I do for them. But, there is an important function to brand or marketing communication other than making you look good or passing on your (own) message to the outside world, and that is your internal brand communication strategy.


Through an internal communication process you have the tools to build trust and at the same time boost your brand. When everyone in the organisation is feeling they are communicated to, and also are listened to, you will build the brand as employees become brand advocates because they are well informed and able to reflect the brand values in a consistent and coherent manner to your customers.


A recent paper published by the Performance Improvement Council cited studies by Gallup that:

“…confirm that engaged employees are more productive, create better customer experiences, and are more likely to remain with their employers. As a result, employers win because they get a more stable and motivated workforce and can, consequently, spend more time strengthening their brand.”


This will all be explored further in a conference hosted by Partners in Management on Friday 8 September; go here  for more details. This is hosted in partnership with  noddlepod which is a knowledge sharing platform.