Print is very much alive and kicking



I grew up spending a lot of time in the newspaper my grandfather ran in Trondheim, Norway.


I talked to the journalists and spent time with the photographers. I had the thrill of watching the printing presses roll with a tremendous roar. I was amazed by the typesetters’ speed on the keyboard and the compositors picking type from their type cases and making up a page. 


Then one day I realised what was actually happening. The whole essence of the paper was to put words to pictures and telling (news) stories.  


I wanted some of that – tell stories.


As a result I embarked on a life as a graphic designer combining my visual talent with that of story telling. When I finished my education at Watford College of Print Technology I entered the world of advertising agencies and design studios, not the newspaper and magazine design I had intended when I started my education which was inspired by my upbringing. I have been lucky enough, though, to spend many years designing publications as well during my free-lance career.


It is therefore now time to get back to where I began and tell stories, real stories, not brand stories that to a degree are dreamt up to make people ‘engage with the brand’.


I am therefore seeking other likeminded people who also want to put a story into print. Putting it into print because of the longevity that offers as it will last through times and be available for generations, not lost with the next link that takes you to another place on the internet and away from the original story.