Stories for keeps

I was talking about my grandfather in my last post and there are so many questions I would have liked to ask him, as there always is when someone is not here any more.


His story is fortunately well documented because the newspaper is a major title in Norway and he saved it from going under. 


But what about less high profile people and businesses or organisations. How often don’t we hear ‘I wish I had asked’ when somebody who knew the story is no more. 


And, it doesn’t have to be linked to someone who’s passed or a business long gone. It can just as well be for someone wanting to tell a current story or document something important for the future. Maybe a business is coming up to an important date in their history, or a personal event. 


I am starting a personal project documenting my uncle’s war effort defending Norway against the occupying forces in the 2nd World War. He sadly came to a sticky end. I might post more about that later. I am doing this to make it available to future generations while the story is still fairly fresh and we have the papers and medals etc to put the story together. 


Maybe there are others out there with similar stories, photographs,  documents to scan, etc. and not sure how to go about putting it together?