The brand as a communicator and innovator

The brand can be the vehicle for conversation and shared knowledge in an organisation. Further, through sharing knowledge internally the brand can encourage not only brand engagement, but innovation and change.


The brand has to perform two roles for it to support innovation and change. Firstly, the process of sharing the knowledge within the organisation. Secondly the brand has to create content which allows knowledge sharing amongst employees and in turn informs sections of the organisation involved in innovation, such as R&D and marketing.


For this to happen there needs to be a strong will in the organisation to support knowledge sharing and to put that into a structure that works; collecting and formatting the material and making sense of the content so that it can be communicated to everyone. Once this is done one can distribute the content to everyone. One can possibly employ software such as Noddlepod to share and for individuals and groups to be able to contribute and exchange ideas. See illustration.


This will be explored further at a conference held by Partners in Management at the Media Centre in Huddersfield on 8 September.