Reflective January


2018 seems to have got on to a slow start as every January tends to do, so quite glad to see the back of it to be honest. But, a dry period is not all bad.


It has given me time to reflect (maybe panic even) and to think ahead. It is not often in the hectic lives we live you have time to sit back and think about where you want to go with your business and what you have to offer.


As a graphic designer I help and support businesses to achieve success and growth through clear design solutions that help increase the client’s exposure by a co-ordinated approach to brand and marketing communications. Looking back over my career I have always got a lot of pleasure from helping and supporting businesses, and students, seeing them thrive and grow.


My many years in the creative business has given me an insight into people’s behaviour and an understanding of the world. I am therefore in a strong position to understand a business, what it delivers and then to communicate that. In the modern world with all our technology and social media it is easy to forget that the end user is a human being who needs to understand how the product or service you are offering is going to affect and, hopefully, improve their lives in a positive way.


I don’t want to sound old fashioned. Not at all, I embrace technology as I tell Alexa to change the music and order a bottle of gin, some AA batteries and a day-light bulb to be delivered the following morning by Amazon Prime. Dry January indeed. No, I am all for technology serving us well, and specifically in the med-tech sector this is all good.


So what has this got to do with my dry January you ask? Probably not a lot apart from it has given me the opportunity to think what I have to offer you, my clients. Experience, enthusiasm, understanding the end user’s perspective and how we best communicate that to support your goals. Call it branding, marketing, design thinking, colouring in or whatever you like, but I think it is principly about understanding the human factor and where that fits in.