Communicating your brand and improving your bottom line. 


How do we do it?


Graphic Design

I have applied my graphic design skills to a range of promotional material over the years helping small and large businesses as well as public sector organisations communicate with their clients.

I have gained wide knowledge and understanding of the challenges this brings – and find the solutions.


Creative Direction

What I really love is to get to know my clients well, understand their business and build a great relationship over many years.

That’s the only way I can truly manage the creative output and make sure that all the marketing and brand communications material is consistent and reflects your brand and tell your story through good design and appropriate content.



Taking ‘design thinking’ into the board room and putting a strategy into everything the business does, from small design jobs to strategic business decisions.  


Based on years of experience in design and working hard to understand the businesses I work for I know it is important we are all committed to the job – becoming a team. This is never more important than when we look at your brand and marketing communications. We really need to get down close and understand what we are communicating, visually and verbally. This might take some market research to establish where the business is and where it should go in the future. Through that knowledge it is possible to improve the products and services and to communicate that to your clients.


Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together to develop a great relationship. Tel: 07759 646833  Email: [email protected].